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If you are searching for a FREE online AI resume builder, look no further – you’ve landed just the right page. Our state-of-the-art AI resume writer is designed to create ATS-friendly resumes that help jobseekers attract more interviews and get hired faster. 
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ResumeKit uses AI technology to make job searching an easy and straightforward process for both inexperienced candidates and seasoned experts.

From finding the right words to introducing work experience to presenting powerful bullet points, ResumeKit will make sure your resume is consistent in terms of content and style, has the right formatting and highlights your strengths, accomplishments, and job preferences.

You are just one click away from your job-winning AI-powered resume.

Automate Work Experience Descriptions

To increase your chances of landing a job interview, you need to provide potential employers with a clear picture of your abilities and professional background.

Our AI resume generator simplifies the hiring process by writing compelling work experience descriptions for your resume. You can tailor them to the different jobs you are applying for, focusing on the most relevant accomplishments and responsibilities.

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Generate Your Resume Summary or Objective with AI

The summary or objective is an extremely important part of your resume. You have just a few lines to hook the reader with your background and career goals and immediately show what you can bring to the table.

You can nail it with our free online AI resume writer, which will provide you with an effective professional summary that you can customize according to job descriptions to reflect your unique career goals and qualifications.

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Use AI-Powered Resume Examples

ResumeKit gives access to informative samples designed by HR experts to provide guidance on the format, structure, and content of a resume.

They are tailored to specific job types and industries and will help you present your professional background and accomplishments in a clear and effective manner.

Choose the one that is most relevant to your career target, customize it based on your experience, and start applying for jobs – it’s as easy as ABC.

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All AI Resume Writer Features for Job Seekers

ResumeKit gives you access to AI technology helping candidates from various industries create well-written resumes that successfully present skills and experience and attract job interviews and offers.

With ResumeKit’s help, you will get past ATS (Applicant Tracking System) software with your resume and impress recruiters. By helping you craft a persuasive resume summary, AI will make the job application process much easier for you.

Besides, you will avoid spelling and formatting errors, have relevant keywords and phrases present throughout your resume and cover letter, and make sure they are properly structured and tick all the boxes.

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ATS-friendly resume templates

To increase the chances of getting into the hands of a human recruiter, your resume needs to meet the requirements of ATS software. This can be achieved by using the ATS-friendly resume templates provided by ResumeKit.

Our temlates are perfectly polished, written in clear and concise language, and are powered with the most sought-after keywords and proper headings, fonts, and bullet points.

AI resume summary generator 

Writing a good resume summary can be a challenging task. ResumeKit now uses AI to provide persuasive resume summaries and objective statements for candidates from various professional fields.

You will get several powerful lines capable of skyrocketing your career. Just add a few finishing touches so that they align with the job description and then switch to the other parts of your resume.

User-friendly interface

ResumeKit is a convenient CV maker offering an intuitive interface that makes resume building as simple and efficient as possible.

Created by HR experts and powered by AI, it is easy to navigate, does not bombard you with pesky forms or ads, and allows you to create eye-pleasing and easy-to-scan resumes and cover letters in a few clicks.

Cover letter generator

Submitting a cover letter is an excellent opportunity to expand on your resume, provide extra information about your qualifications and work experience and express your enthusiasm for a particular job.

Submitting a cover letter is an excellent opportunity to expand on your resume, provide extra information about your qualifications and work experience and express your enthusiasm for a particular job.

Blog with career tips

ResumeKit is created by HR experts to help job seekers quickly secure well-paid positions.

You can find the most effective job-hunting tips and ideas in our blog. From listing crucial skills to introducing job references, it covers all things resume to help you rise above the sea of competition.

Resume and cover letter examples

Get access to efficient, professionally designed resume samples from various industries and use them as guidance or for inspiration.

Choose from a wide pool of professional cover letter samples to get the guidance and inspiration you need to succeed in job hunting.

Resume Builder Reviews

ResumeKit’s free online AI resume builder has proven its worth as an effective tool for both industry leaders and career starters. Have a look at what users say about their experience creating AI-powered resumes and cover letters with it.

“The template here are all to the point. I’ve used two to make 2 versions of my resume which I send to different types of employers. It was very easy and I love the result!”
Jane Cooper
about 16 hours ago
“I’ve had several interviews and got my current job with the resume I made using a template from Resume Kit. It worked for me and I’m sure it’ll work for you. I definitely recommend this site.”
Wade Warren
about 12 hours ago
“Templates on the Resume Kit site are all professional looking and make writing up your resume super simple. You just fill in your info and save the file to your computer.”
Leslie Alexander
about 8 hours ago
“Glad I’ve found Resume Kit. Lots of useful info in their blog posts and cool templates to apply to your resume and cover letter.”
Marvin McKinney
about 4 hours ago
“Starting a new job search can be stressful. Even more so when you’ve held the same job for quite a few years. ResumeKit helped me a lot. Especially the resume templates. I got my resume made up in minutes and started sending it out right away.”
John Dex
about 3 hours ago
“This site has enough templates to create a resume for any purpose. Knowing that they are approved by recruiters gives me confidence that my resume won’t fail because of formatting or something.”
Alicya Key
about 2 hours ago


Modern AI can create an ATS-friendly, error-free and job-winning resume much faster than a human. It can save time and effort by automatically generating resume components that focus on the most important details and relevant keywords, display appropriate language and tone, are grammatically and semantically correct, and are properly structured to meet the requirements of ATS software.
ResumeKit is a free AI resume builder, meaning you won’t have to pay anything to get an ATS-friendly, AI-powered resume that you can download in TXT format. To create a PDF version of your resume, you need to pay an affordable sum.
AI draws upon natural language processing to provide you with carefully selected phrases relevant to your profession or a chosen keyword. This will help you build a customized resume that fits perfectly a certain industry, company or position and can easily get past ATS software.
ResumeKit is a free online tool that you can use whenever and wherever you like. Just a few clicks and several minutes will be enough for it to employ AI technology and build a resume and cover letter based on your unique background and tailored to a specific job.
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How do I create a resume?
How do I create a resume?
Creating a resume with is as simple as 1-2-3. First, you need to choose the job you want to apply for. Second, see what skills and experience they expect from applicants. Make a list and compare it to your personal skills and achievements. Third, follow the simple steps in the resume builder wizard.
Make sure that your resume contains only relevant information. Also, remember that recruiters prefer one-page resumes. That's it! If you need more information, visit our Blog. There is an answer to practically any question -
What if I need cover letters for my resumes?
What if I need cover letters for my resumes?
A cover letter doubles your chances of catching the HR’s attention, so don't skip it. Here on ResumeKit, we have a matching cover letter template for every resume. Our Cover Letter Builder will lead you through writing the perfect letter section by section to help you stand out among other candidates and get an interview invitation in no time.
What does ATS-friendly mean?
What does ATS-friendly mean?
Applicant Tracking System (or ATS) is software for recruiters, HR and companies that helps automate resume processing. It has many functions, and one of them is identifying the best matching candidates. A recruiter fills in keywords that they want to see on the candidate’s resume, such as Web analytics, SEO/SEM, HTML & CSS, etc.
Also, there is a tricky part. Some ATS software will not recognize images or other elements applicants may use to make their resumes look nice. The software may corrupt the formatting and make the whole document look messy to the recruiter. An ATS-friendly resume has the right keywords and formatting to make sure it is not filtered out or damaged when processed by the ATS. Using ResumeKit, you can be sure your resume will make the cut.
Why should I use a resume builder?
Why should I use a resume builder?
Using a resume builder makes the process of creating a resume significantly faster and easier. ResumeKit gives you tips for every step of building a resume.
First, you fill in all the essential parts that any recruiter expects to see on an application. Then you include some additional information that will make your resume shine bright among hundreds of others. And what’s also great, you don't have to worry about formatting. Our professional designers created the perfect templates, and you can choose any of them with a click.
Is ResumeKit the best resume builder?
Is ResumeKit the best resume builder?
ResumeKit is the first builder created by HR specialists. Recruiters spend about 7 seconds looking at an application before making a decision about the candidate. We'll show you what to do to make your application stand out.
Can I use ResumeKit for free?
Can I use ResumeKit for free?
ResumeKit has a few different tools you can use 100% for free without entering any credit card details. But we will ask you to register with your email address. This way, we can keep your documents safe and available to you at any time and anywhere.
Registered Users have an access to creating, editing, viewing and storing of up to 2 documents (1 resume, 1 cover letter).
How can I customize my resume?
How can I customize my resume?
We would love to give you complete freedom, but then you could simply use a plain piece of paper, right?
Our resume and cover letter templates were created by professional designers and thoroughly checked by top recruiters. So yes, there are some restrictions, but they are all to your advantage. In any case, you can still choose what information to share, in what order to include the sections on your resume, and which colors to use. We have a variety of templates available for you to work with, and our collection is constantly growing. Give it a try – we are confident you'll appreciate the convenience.
How can I delete my account?
How can I delete my account?
You can delete your account any time you want by following these steps: Log in > Profile settings > Delete account. Please note that after you delete your account, all of your information will be gone with no option to restore it later.
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