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indeed advanced search is one of the most useful online job portals in the world. With a reasonably constructed resume, any job applicant can get the job of their dreams. However, using the website effectively requires some skill and practice. Nevertheless, getting the hang of it, especially of the Indeed advanced search algorithm, will yield unprecedented results.

This article is all about how to get the best results from We touch on the most vital aspects of the job listing site, including how to use the search tool. We also provide a simple outline for maximizing the Indeed advanced search option. Lastly, we made a list of tips from experts about using to successfully get notifications of relevant local and international job opportunities.

How to Use the Search Tools on

1. Sign Up to Use Indeed Job Listing Website

Much like the majority of online services, you need to sign up on before you can use the site. This is not only to get you included in the site’s mailing or subscriber’s list. Instead, signing and setting up an account with helps you join the system’s complementary framework of job seekers and employers.

The biggest advantage to setting up an account is that you get to upload your resume. This helps the site match you with jobs that fit your qualifications and location. Thus, because this system is very organized and runs seamlessly, you may not even need to use Indeed advanced search before the system finds you a reliable prospective employer. And if not an employer, then various job listings that fit your bill.

2. Use Filter Option to Narrow Search

Having set up an account on, you should familiarize yourself with the site. Of all the dynamic functions you will find on the site, none are as helpful as the search function. However, the search option itself is only the starter function to help you filter available jobs.

The homepage of has two search bars with the WHAT and WHERE options. The WHAT search bar collects queries about the job you are looking for. On the other hand, the WHERE search bar collects address information—your preferred geographical location. But once you have entered these pieces of information, will present you with at least 5 filter buttons, including Date Posted, Job Type, Location, Company, and Job Language.

Filter Option

Each of the filter options allows you to narrow your search, thereby saving you the time and effort required to sift through lots and lots of job listings. The Date Posted filter is especially useful since it tells you when the employer posted the job, so you can know whether to prioritize or ignore it.

3. Use Advanced Query Options to Get Better Results

In addition to the basic search options in which you enter texts into the search bars and returns results and filters, you can also customize your searches. This is the Indeed advanced search method that lets you query job listings. By using this method, you can personalize the directory of available jobs and see only the most relevant ones.

To use the Indeed advanced search method, you only need to enter query markers. Examples of these markers are quotation marks , parentheses (…), hyphen , or keywords with quotation marks. So, entering “SPSS” or Company: “Kantar” will get you narrower results than just SPSS or Kantar.

It is also very important to know what each of the query markers means. Thankfully, uses a simple query method: each of the markers used as examples are for inclusion, except for the hyphen. So, if you use quotation marks or parentheses or keywords with quotation marks, you will get personalized results with the text(s) you included in the search.

However, if you use the hyphen, will exclude the associated word. So, if you want to exclude certain criteria from your advanced search, use the hyphen before the word. For example, writing -SEO would return writing job listings that don’t have SEO proficiency as a criterion. This can also help you remove a salary range from the search results.

Query Options

4. Enable Job Alerts

The three methods of increasing your chances using Indeed’s directory of job listings are somewhat passive. When you use them, you might be among the first handful of job seekers to apply for your preferred job. Or not. There is no way to know because you have taken a passive stand. If you want to change this, you can enable job alerts which means that the system will alert you to job opportunities immediately after they are posted.

To enable job alerts, follow the steps below:

  1. Use the WHAT and WHERE search options.
  2. When Indeed returns the results, look to the right-hand side of the page where it says Get new jobs for this search by email.
  3. Enter your email address into the bar and click Activate.
  4. Confirm your email via the verification process.
Job Alerts

These steps enable to notify you via email of job postings that fit the criteria you searched for. You can create multiple search profiles this way. This way, can help you look for relevant jobs, not just anything that is posted in the online directory.

5. Customize Browser Plug-ins to Increase Search Convenience

In addition to sending you notifications based on your search criteria, you can also maximize job listings on the site by using browser plug-ins. These plug-ins are browser extensions that integrate with and therefore make it easier for you to access and use the site’s many functions.

One of the more commonly used functions via plug-ins is the setting up of job alerts. With a Google Chrome or Firefox plug-in, for example, you can search for jobs without being on the Indeed homepage. In effect, you can easily set up notifications at a moment’s notice, saving much-needed time in the process. Moreover, recommends Google Chrome as the best browser for navigating the platform. So, having the Chrome Indeed extension will greatly improve your chances to get suitable jobs.

There are two other common browser plug-ins useful for navigating These are Google’s toolbar button and the RSS feed tool. These extensions make the Indeed advanced search process significantly faster and more effective.

indeed advanced search

As a bonus, here are a few tips from experts about how to use productively. Though few, each of these can help you maximize a job posting on Indeed.

1. Upload Your Resume for System Match Algorithm

The best way to use is to upload your resume from the very start. You can do this even before setting up an account. The goal of letting Indeed have a copy of your resume is to allow the system to match you up with relevant employers and job listings. does this by singling out parts of your CV, including your contact information (location, especially), skills, education, and more. Then it matches this information with job requirements and sends your resume (if you want) to employers.

2. Use Indeed Advanced Search to Improve Search Results

The Indeed advanced search functions are simply the best. Without them, the site would only be slightly better than its peers. However, with the filters and queries, you stand a better chance of promptly identifying the most relevant job opportunities. Moreover, the use of query marks also lets you place checks on the results your searches return, including overly low salary ranges, overly high academic requirements, and so on.

3. Install and Use App is available for download and use on Android and iOS devices. Having the platform as an app on your phone affords you some advantages. The most valuable of these advantages is location. In other words, even if you don’t use Indeed’s WHERE search function, having an active GPS on your phone lets the app tailor job listings that match your location. Thus, the platform always localizes job posts on the app for you, saving you the stress of modifying locational requirements. So, download the app from Apple Store or Google Play Store and use it instead of relying on the web version.

4. Make the Most of Job Notifications

There is no alternative for Indeed’s job notifications. Once you have set up a search profile, the platform will always send you relevant job postings via email. With this function activated, you don’t even have to regularly use the search function.

5. Read Company Reviews to Get an Idea of What to Expect

Lastly, read company reviews whenever you find a suitable job on These reviews can be found on the platform’s homepage. Alternatively, you can click the link to the employer (company) and find the reviews from other applicants.

Conclusion serves as a very useful online platform for job seekers all over the world. Due to the Indeed advanced search functions, a job applicant can sift through the posted job opportunities quickly and painlessly. As long as the methods and tips cited in this article are followed, you will sooner than later get your dream job via

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