How To Answer “What Motivates You?”

What Motivates YouThere are lots of difficult questions you may have to answer during a job interview. However, sometimes, it’s the questions that sound easy that are actually the most complicated. The answer to the “what motivates you” question can tell your employer a lot about you and your potential future in their company. This is why we suggest you consider your answer in advance.

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How To Introduce Yourself Professionally?

how to introduce yourself professionallyMost job interviews and even online applications start with a scary question: “Can you introduce yourself?”. While on paper this question looks easy enough, a lot of applicants find it difficult to answer. You will probably have a lot of information to pack up in a very small snippet of time. All the while, you will want to make a good impression on your potential employer and, in the best case scenario, get the job.

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What Not To Wear To an Interview?

what not to wear to an interviewA successful job interview can be life changing. It can land you the job of your dreams and help create a life that you’ve always aspired to. Because of this, a lot of us take job interview preparation quite seriously and even consider our answers to the interviewer’s possible questions (check out our post on The 10 Most Common Job Interview Questions).

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Answering the Question: What are Your Career Goals?

career goalsOne of the most frequent questions an applicant may be asked in a job interview is about their career goals and aspirations. The employer will want to know what direction you are looking to grow in. Since that can influence their decision about hiring you, you should be very careful about wording your answer to this question.


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How Soon Will I Get HR Interview Feedback?

interview feedbackSo, you answered all of your interview questions and are dying to know if you got the job? Of course, you were told that they’d take some time and get back to you with feedback, but it has already been 2 hours, 2 days, a week, or even longer. Should you call, email or contact the hiring manager via Skype to get the interview feedback? And if you should, when can you safely do it?

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Show Appreciation with an Interview Thank You Email

thank you emailYou have just walked out of the interview room or hung up after a Skype call with the hiring manager. Now what? As long as you had read our tips on answering job interview questions and on questions to ask in an interview, you most likely aced it and are proud of yourself. If the interview seems to have gone well, you must be feeling super enthusiastic and relieved at the same time. However, this is not the end of it for today yet!

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Words to Describe Yourself in an Interview

words to describe yourselfUnless your potential employer goes for a very unconventional approach to interviewing, you’re guaranteed to run into some variation of this question: “How would you describe yourself?”. While it may seem like an innocent conversation starter, there are right and wrong answers here. It is crucial to at least have an idea of how you will answer it before you go in for an interview.

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