15 Online Jobs That You Can Start in 2022

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While telecommuting has been on the rise for years, boosting flexibility, diversity and income-earning opportunities in the workplace across the world, it was not until the COVID-19 pandemic that a massive switch to permanent remote work began. With lockdowns paralyzing organizations, businesses and entire industries in the physical world, online jobs is no longer a privilege or experiment – in these troubled times, it is a bare necessity.

That said, joining the remote workforce should not be perceived as a forced step. On the contrary, moving your skills and expertise online opens up a whole new world of mouth-watering opportunities and is sure to bring more joy and productivity into your life – which can be easily confirmed by individuals who have already made the switch.

Unfortunately, remote work isn’t all rainbows and unicorns: there are certain negative aspects to it, such as work-life balance issues, higher chances of burnout, and reduced options for social bonding. Nevertheless, we can say for certain that entering the world of online work will take both your career and lifestyle to the next level. The benefits of embracing an online job far outweigh its cons, and here are just a few of them:

  • Less exposure to infectious illnesses
  • More flexibility when it comes to scheduling tasks and meetings
  • Saving time on commute
  • The ability to do your work from wherever you like
  • Improved inclusivity and diversity
  • More opportunities for healthy meals and physical exercise
  • More time with family

There are tons of pros associated with escaping the cubicle. In some cases, the benefits outlined above are enough to convince an individual to quit the 9-to-5 grind and jump on the bandwagon.

If you are tempted by the idea of making money online, now is the best time to grasp this opportunity. In this guide, you will learn how to choose an online job that will help you play to your strengths and how to build a resume that will give you a head start over other applicants when competing for your dream position.

How to Start an Online Career

While you might be all set to leave the brick-and-mortar office, the technicalities of switching to remote work may first seem quite confusing. Should you opt for a full-time online position in a well-established company? Or is it better to go down the route of a remote freelancer? What income should you aim at? And how to write a resume that will secure the interview that will change your life forever?

Answering these questions may seem difficult at first glance. It all boils down to what kind of work you are planning to perform as it will determine your job search, onboarding process, work routine, potential income, and professional opportunities.

In general, things are pretty flexible in the online world, yet it has its trends, rules and peculiarities. As a newcomer, you might find it difficult to navigate this realm. And this brings us nicely to the main purpose of this guide – to help you decide on a career path that is right for you. That will allow you to make money from the comfort of your home.

Whether you are an expert willing to sell your knowledge and skills online or are looking to try something completely new amidst this turbulence. You are sure to find our list of the best online jobs in 2022 helpful and informative. If you know exactly what kind of position you are looking for, feel free to jump to the specific job title you are interested in. The details available will help you make a well-informed decision. However, we still recommend that you go over all the career paths outlined here. Who knows, you might stumble upon something that has the potential to captivate you so much that you will not be able to resist the temptation to make a radical career change.

The Best Online Jobs in 2022

We have split our list of the best work-from-home jobs into three categories: technical jobs, employment options for individuals with strong interpersonal skills, and creative careers. This classification is not particularly strict. Yet it will help you figure out what type of skill you can leverage most when embarking on a certain career journey.

Without further ado, here are the best online jobs that you can start in 2022:

The Top Remote Computer and Tech Online Jobs

Software Developer

If you have solid coding skills to bring to the table, you can easily find a role that offers the opportunity to go fully remote. The market is abundant with tools that enable programmers to communicate with their colleagues and clients, develop and update their products and track their working time and progress. Therefore, escaping the traditional office should not be a problem for you.

While a degree in computer science, information technology, or computer engineering is not essential. If you want to make money from coding, it is still a significant advantage that will likely help you to gain an edge. However, if you are a career switcher and do not have relevant education or experience, there is no need to worry. As the internet continues to expand, the demand for new websites and apps keeps increasing. So coding skills are highly sought after in the online workplace. Investing in self-education and formal training is sure to help you carve out a niche for yourself.  

If you are wondering where to start, here are the top programming languages to master in 2022:

  •       Python
  •       Java
  •       C/C++
  •       JavaScript
  •       Golang (or Go)
  •       R
  •       Swift
  •       PHP
  •       C#
  •       MATLAB

Where to find a job: We Work Remotely, Remote.co, Stack Overflow, etc.

How much you can earn per hour: $33 – $138

Quality Assurance Engineer

If you have a keen eye for detail, understand how software works, and are looking for a well-paid role that allows you to work wherever you like. Quality Assurance or QA engineering can hit the spot in your case. QA engineers create tests to detect issues with software before its launch, ensuring the high quality of the product, improving how it is developed and eradicating errors, defects and bugs in it. All in all, as software forms the backbone of our society in this day and age. QA engineers make our world a better place to live – by ensuring it is bugless and error-free.

Sounds like a great mission? If you want to embark on this career, then you’re in luck – training does not take too much time or effort. You can start making good money online quite soon. What is more, quality assurance is considered to be the second happiest job of all.

But there is a catch: not everybody can be a good QA engineer. This role requires qualities like discipline, flexibility, reliability, and attention to detail. However, if you think you fit this description, there is no argument against choosing this career path. Seasoned QA engineers are in high demand, and even entry-level workers may land positions that generate a nice income stream. You can easily obtain all the knowledge and skills necessary in the field without leaving your house: the market is crawling with online courses that cater to all levels of expertise.

Where to find a job: Remote.co, Upwork, Indeed, etc.

How much you can earn per hour: $39-$127

Data Scientist

Data scientists use algorithms, processes and skills to extract knowledge from data and help make informed decisions. To succeed in this field, you need to be adept at probability, statistics, multivariate calculus, linear algebra, certain programming languages (like Python, R and SQL), data wrangling, and database management, among others. In addition to having an ambitious roster of technical skills, a data scientist should be excellent at time management and teamwork. And know how to communicate complicated information to diverse audiences. Obviously, this career comes with a steep learning curve.

This option could be worth considering if you want to land a top-notch work-from-home position. Indeed, this kind of a job pays well. Besides, being a data scientist means you have to constantly upskill yourself, so you will be able to get to the top and stay there. With the perks and opportunities you get to enjoy by pursuing this kind of career, it’s no wonder data science ranks at the top on Glassdoor’s lists of the best jobs.

Where to find a job: Remote.co, Indeed, Remotive, etc.

How much you can earn per hour: $24-$260

Search Engine Optimization Specialist

If you have been wondering whether now is a great time to be an SEO specialist, well, wonder no more – it certainly is. SEO experts are inundated with lucrative job offers because they make websites visible, helping drive traffic and boost selling opportunities. In this digital era, businesses want to rank well in search engines as this might be one of the best ways to attract customers. After all, 61% of B2B marketers believe that SEO might be the most effective marketing initiative when it comes to generating leads. Besides, SEO is listed by Microsoft as one of the key hard skills for the next decade.

The best bit about this kind of career is that it allows you to apply your technical expertise and hone your interpersonal skills. An SEO specialist has a good command of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and in-depth knowledge of Google tools, as well as be skillful in keyword research and link building. In addition, you should be able to clearly articulate your goals and explain technical topics in plain words if you want to advance in this role. Also, you should be a committed team player.

If you are new to this field, do not worry. You can pull off a successful career switch as entry-level SEO talent is eagerly recruited by remote employers across the globe.

Where to find a job: Remote.co, Upwork, Flexjobs, etc.

How much you can earn per hour: $11-$43

Technical Support Engineer

Technical support could be a feasible option for you if you have excellent problem-solving skills, know your way around software and hardware, and are good at analyzing technical issues. Online tech support staff makes sure computer systems and programs run properly and fix problems whenever they arise. Since tech support engineers often interact with clients, they should also demonstrate outstanding communication skills. Patience, empathy and flexibility are an absolute must.

As more and more products and services go digital, applicants for this type of jobs are in super super-high demand, meaning you can earn very good money in the field. You can get hired for a full-time remote position in a reputable company even if you are an entry-level specialist provided you are adaptable, reliable and willing to expand your skill set. If you manage to learn the ropes quickly, success will come your way very soon.

Where to find a job: Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Remotive, etc.

How much you can earn per hour: $14-$46

The Best Online Jobs for People with Strong Communication Skills

HR Generalist

In this day and age, you can do HR management remotely. As a home-based HR generalist, you will be assigned multiple tasks that involve decisions and actions related to a remote organization and its employees. This can seem like a good career option if you are a people person and like helping others. You will be particularly successful in this field if you are energetic, enthusiastic and ambitious.

HR practitioners are responsible for addressing employee concerns, recruiting talent, designing and implementing career development programs and reward systems, evaluating employee performance, solving conflicts, keeping retention rates high, and onboarding new team members. They also help build a supportive company culture and an enjoyable work environment.

While this set of professional responsibilities and obligations may seem Herculean, HR management is one of the most satisfying jobs in existence. An HR generalist influences every aspect of their organization. Their work makes a real difference and affects the bottom line greatly. Besides, not only is this role exciting, but it is also lucrative and is likely to remain so in the foreseeable future.

While having a degree in HR management is an advantage that will accelerate your career and help you stand out from the crowd. You can still get an entry-level job in HR even if you come from a different educational background. Your professional skills and willingness to learn are the deciding factor when it comes to getting hired in this field. Keep in mind that you should also be good with software as HR information systems and other HR-related apps will be part of your toolkit.

Where to find a job: Remote.co, Indeed, Remotive, etc.

How much you can earn per hour: $10-$62

Social Media Marketer

With social media marketing picking up more steam with every passing year, there’s never been a better time to become an expert in this field. SMM is something you can do whenever and wherever you want. It is a great career option for both a stay-at-home parent and an individual living the digital nomad lifestyle.

Social media marketers use social media platforms to build brands, attract customers and generate sales. As a social media marketer, you will be virtually the voice of a company’s brand, and solid interpersonal skills will come in very handy.

This role involves engaging with management, colleagues and customers, promoting products and services and reaching new audiences. Apart from being proficient at social media, content creation and analytical tools, you should also be able to:

  • convey ideas effectively;
  • communicate unique selling points clearly;
  • demonstrate confidence, empathy and respect;
  • practice active listening; and
  • accept and act upon feedback.

While this list is not exhaustive, these are the key skills to put on your resume if you want to land your ideal SMM online job.

In a nutshell, social media marketing is a rewarding field and there are plenty of remote SMM jobs available. If you are in the market for a new exciting career, SMM may be your best bet: this field does not require a large amount of formal education, and you can prove you are the best candidate by building a successful online community, running a prominent social media account, taking an online digital marketing course, or doing relevant research. Getting a formal degree will, of course, help you immediately stand out in a sea of applicants.

Where to find a job: Indeed, LinkedIn, Flexjobs, etc.

How much you can earn per hour: $10-$42

Private Tutor

Why be an online private tutor? This role allows you to structure the work around your routine and enjoy a relaxed environment. When it comes to legit remote jobs, online tutoring is an attractive option for many people as one can start making good money from home by simply applying knowledge from their subject area and their teaching skills in the online realm. Whether you are an experienced educator or a qualified practitioner who can explain complex concepts and ideas in a simple way. With online education booming, you are bound to find people who want to learn from you.

You can teach from anywhere and whenever you like, distributing your knowledge through established Internet-based learning platforms or independently via digital communication tools. The opportunity is plentiful, so now is the perfect time to get a grasp on digital tutoring.

Due to online education being such a flexible environment, you can apply various teaching techniques and address different learning styles. All sorts of instructors can switch to remote teaching, and your career in the online environment depends on your expertise, qualifications, preferences, and professional goals. In the post-pandemic world, there is an increased need for education support, and skilled online educators are in high demand. So with the potential income being high and learning the ropes being so easy, why not give it a go?

Where to find a job: Online Tutoring Jobs, TutorMe, TeacherOn, etc.

How much you can earn per hour: $10 – $31

Project Manager

If you need a stay-at-home job, a location-independent work environment and a role that allows you to put your planning, organizational and social skills to use, project management ticks all the boxes. As the job title suggests, project managers manage projects – from planning to executing. They make sure the job is done as effectively and efficiently as possible. These specialists know when to initiate a project, how to move it forward and how to implement proper monitoring, controlling and scaling.

It goes without saying that a project manager needs to be a brilliant communicator. In this role, you will have to interact with stakeholders and collaborate with team members. Budgeting and time management should be among your strong suits as well. In addition, you should have an excellent command of project management approaches and methodologies and know your way around project management software. And remember to pump up your leadership skills before starting out.

As you can see, this role is pretty demanding and comes with a noticeable learning curve. You might consider obtaining a relevant degree or taking a quality online course for entry-level specialists in this field to boost your professional resume and make a successful career jump. However, the result is worth the effort, since managing projects is a challenging yet rewarding experience that offers the flexibility of working from home and the opportunity to make good money online.

Where to find a job: Upwork, Indeed, Flexjobs, etc.

How much you can earn per hour: $12 – $75

Sales Representative

A career in online sales is a smart choice for those willing to sign up for a fully remote job. With the flexibility and income-earning potential it provides, it is one of the biggest draws when it comes to online work.

Another great appeal of being a sales rep is that you can put all your energy and enthusiasm into what you are doing and achieve striking results, which translates into satisfaction, inspiration, and excellent commissions. You will be selling products and services online, being the key point of contact between the organization you are working for and its clients. Also, you will be responsible for incentivizing your existing customers to stay with you and reaching new target markets.

Apart from understanding the sales process, to be equal to the task, you need superb interpersonal skills. If you want to become an online sales rep, you should also be able to throw competency in software usage and Internet technologies into the mix.

Where to find a job: ZipRecruiter, Indeed, Flexjobs, etc.

How much you can earn per hour: $7 – $46

The Top Creative Work-From-Home Jobs


With copywriting being a steadily growing niche, it’s time to show your talent for words online. Being an online copywriter can help you strike a happy medium between working just for money and delving into pure creativity. Besides, this job is extremely flexible. In most scenarios, you can work in your pajamas, build a tailored schedule and enjoy as many coffee breaks as you want.

Building a career as an online copywriter will be straightforward if you know the landscape and understand the latest trends in content marketing. Obviously, you should have excellent writing and interpersonal skills. While a formal degree is a huge benefit in this field, your level of expertise and strong portfolio will help you shine most. So you need to obtain enough experience to build a resume that will help you get hired for a lucrative copywriting job. You can take an online training program, start your own blog and write several test pieces to be able to showcase your unique way with words.

Where to find a job: Freelancer, Upwork, Indeed, etc.

How much you can earn per hour: $7 – $49

Digital Designer

If you are interested in earning money online by applying your graphic design skills, there are plenty of options: from creating visual concepts to applying updates to existing designs, you will handle various tasks that will enable you to unleash your creativity and make solid money at the same time. Flexibility enters the equation here as well, so this kind of career might be a cut above the rest for a creative individual.

While there is a steep learning curve when starting out in digital design, this field certainly has a lot of potential. If you manage to craft a solid job resume and a robust portfolio as a digital designer, lucrative gigs will always be around you, so chances are you’ll be sitting pretty for the rest of your life. If this idea seems to resonate with you, start searching for an online entry-level digital designer position. You must make sure you are proficient in digital design software. Besides, since you will be meeting with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders to discuss projects, it is time to give your communication skills a boost.

Where to find a job: Flexjobs, Upwork, Truelancer, etc.

How much you can earn per hour: $9 – $38


You can start generating money from your passion if you can communicate your thoughts and expertise clearly and in an engaging manner. From introducing gaming news to promoting health and fitness, potential blogging niches abound. And there are plenty of platforms where you can create and promote your content, with Tumblr, WordPress, and Wix being the front runners when it comes to showing your passion through words. If you can shoot great videos, your career path may be even brighter as you can post them on YouTube. Which is the second most used social media platform in the world.

There are numerous lucrative opportunities to build wealth as a blogger: for example, you can participate in affiliate marketing programs, display ads, publish sponsored posts and videos, sell products and services, etc. To succeed in this field and make solid money, you need to build a strong brand and make sure your content is authentic and compelling. And that it meets the rules and regulations of the platform of your choice. Keep in mind that since you are your own boss when it comes to blogging, your financial opportunities are unlimited – however, your income might not be steady.

Video Editor

A video editor uses footage, sound and graphics to produce a final video product. So if you are a creative type who enjoys working from home and knows how video content is crafted, pursuing this career might be the right choice for you. After all, you will not be short of career options: video editors work for broadcast, film, video game, and production companies. They can also freelance successfully and get profitable side hustles. With video content getting more and more popular, becoming an online video editor has never been a better idea.

You should be familiar with video editing software, tools and techniques, and have a relevant portfolio to land an entry-level video editing job. You should also be detail-oriented, adaptable and self-motivated. Problem solvers and team players are especially welcome in this field.

Where to find a job: Upwork, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, etc.

How much you can earn per hour: $8 – $40

Game Designer

Computer game design sounds like a dream job to many. Not only does it allow you to live your passion and create products that are likely to be admired by huge audiences. But it also lets you earn a competitive salary without leaving your home. This career is sure to bring fun and excitement into your life. The best part about it is that it will help your creativity flourish.

However, that isn’t to say that computer game design is always a bed of roses. You might have to put in a lot of hard work and long hours to succeed. Constantly facing new challenges is part and parcel of the job. The video game industry is growing rapidly, attracting top talent and investors, which means the field is becoming more and more competitive.

A video game designer’s job involves various responsibilities: you may be assigned with tasks related to developing gameplay, concepts, plots, storylines, scenarios, characters, maps, worlds, strategies, and even user interfaces. So you might have to experience a bit of a learning curve to start out in this challenging field. You must have a good grasp of game design software, game engines and relevant programming and scripting languages. To build a successful game, you need to work with other professionals in a deadline-driven environment. So solid time management and interpersonal skills, and great attention to detail are absolutely required. You should also remain current on the latest gaming trends and developments, and continuously raise the bar.

However, all these requirements should not scare you off. While pursuing this career path requires significant effort, it is most likely to bring remarkably fruitful results.

Where to find a job: Remote Game Jobs, ZipRecruiter, Remotive, etc.

How much you can earn per hour: $24 – $192

How to Make a Resume for Your First Remote Job

If you have weighed the pros and cons of working remotely and are now fully on board with the idea. It is time to jump onto the trend. To secure your dream online position, you need to show that you are a valuable asset. And what better way to do that than with a perfectly crafted resume? Below you will find a brief guide to creating a resume that will make you stand out:

  1. Express your sincere interest in the job.
  2. Clearly state the value you would bring to your prospective employer.
  3. Display your qualifications and academic experience.
  4. Show your offline work experience.
  5. Add relevant volunteer experience and side hustles.
  6. Highlight the skills your potential employer is looking for.
  7. Stress your willingness to learn.

While this list might not be exhaustive, the tips included will help you proceed to the next stage of the hiring process. Then put your best foot forward in the interview and enjoy the online career that is the best fit for you. Check out this article for tips that will help you ace common job interview questions.

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