Top Security Guard Skills for Resume

Imagine being the vigilant eye behind the surveillance cameras, the calm presence during emergencies, and the expert operator of cutting-edge security systems. Picture yourself confidently defusing conflicts, patrolling with purpose, and crafting meticulous reports like a true security aficionado.

With the demand for security guards skyrocketing, showcasing these sought-after skills on your resume becomes your secret weapon to unlocking exciting opportunities and protecting what matters most. 

Top Security Guard Skills for Resume

What Are Security Guard Skills

Security guard skills refer to a range of abilities that are crucial for maintaining safety in various environments. These skills include surveillance, emergency response, conflict resolution, report writing, crowd control, and others.

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Jobs That Require Security Guard Skills

You may think that security guard skills are only valuable if you want to work …well…as a security guard. But there are actually quite a few professions, not just the Security Guard, where these skills can come in handy. Here are a few examples:

  • Security Officer
  • Loss Prevention Specialist
  • Event Security Staff
  • Campus Security Officer
  • Retail Store Security Associate
  • Corporate Security Officer
  • Residential Community Security Guard
  • Industrial Site Security Officer
  • Hospital Security Officer
  • Hotel Security Personnel
  • Bank Security Guard
  • Casino Security Officer
  • Airport Security Screener
  • Government Facility Security Officer
  • Private Investigator
  • Alarm Monitoring Operator
  • Patrol Officer
  • Executive Protection Agent
  • Security Consultant

Best Security Guard Skills to List on a Resume

1. Surveillance

Security personnel must know how to monitor and observe their surroundings to identify potential threats or suspicious activities.

Example: Conducted vigilant surveillance of assigned areas using CCTV cameras and physical patrols, quickly detecting and reporting any unusual behavior or security breaches.

2. Emergency Response

You must be capable of handling emergency situations calmly and effectively, including responding to alarms, providing first aid, and coordinating with emergency services.

Example: Responded swiftly to emergency situations, such as medical incidents and fire alarms, providing immediate assistance and effectively communicating with on-site emergency responders.

3. Security Systems Operation

A lot of security jobs will value professionals with experience in operating and maintaining surveillance equipment, such as CCTV cameras, alarms, access control systems, and metal detectors.

Example: Conducted regular checks and troubleshooting of security systems, ensuring proper functioning and promptly addressing any technical issues to maintain a high level of safety.

4. Communication

Strong verbal and written communication skills to effectively interact with colleagues, visitors, and law enforcement personnel.

Example: Maintained clear and concise communication through radio and written reports, accurately documenting incidents, and collaborating with team members and external stakeholders for efficient incident resolution.

5. Conflict Resolution

You will need to know how to de-escalate conflicts and resolve disputes in a professional and diplomatic manner.

Example: Successfully resolved conflicts between individuals by calmly intervening, actively listening to their concerns, and finding mutually beneficial solutions while upholding safety protocols.

6. Patrolling and Inspections

Conducting regular patrols and inspections to ensure the premises are secure and in compliance with safety protocols is a standard duty for safety personnel.

Example: Implemented thorough patrolling procedures, identifying and addressing potential safety vulnerabilities, performing site inspections, and promptly reporting any irregularities to supervisors.

7. Report Writing

Working in security often requires being skilled in documenting incidents, writing detailed reports, and maintaining accurate records.

Example: Prepared comprehensive incident reports, capturing relevant details, timestamps, and witness statements, aiding in the investigation, and providing crucial information for future reference.

8. Crowd Control

Competence in managing crowds and maintaining order during events or high-traffic situations is a valuable skill for security workers.

Example: Effectively managed large crowds during high-profile events, utilizing crowd control techniques, maintaining a calm and secure environment, and swiftly addressing any potential safety concerns.

9. Knowledge of Security Procedures

Understanding of safety protocols and regulations to ensure compliance and enforce security measures effectively is an essential skill to add on your resume. 

Example: Demonstrated comprehensive knowledge of safety protocols, diligently enforcing access control procedures, and maintaining a high level of awareness to prevent unauthorized entry or activities.

10. Physical Fitness

Maintaining physical condition and stamina to handle demanding situations and prolonged periods of standing or walking.

Example: Sustained physical fitness levels, enabling efficient response to emergency situations, patrolling large premises, and ensuring an active and vigilant presence throughout assigned shifts.

When describing these skills in the experience section of your resume, highlight specific achievements, responsibilities, and outcomes that demonstrate your proficiency and effectiveness in utilizing these skills. Quantify results whenever possible to provide tangible evidence of your contributions and the impact of your skills.

Where to Add Security Guard Skills on a Resume

When creating your resume, it’s important to strategically incorporate and spread out your skills across all relevant sections:

Skills Section: Dedicate a separate section to highlight your skills. List them as bullet points, emphasizing the most relevant ones to the job you are applying for. For example, include skills like surveillance, emergency response, security systems operation, communication, conflict resolution, and crowd control.

Security Guard Skills - Example on Resume

Work Experience Section: Integrate your skills within the descriptions of your previous work experiences. For each job, mention how you utilized specific skills to fulfill your responsibilities effectively. Use action verbs and quantify achievements to showcase your capabilities. For instance, you can mention how you used your surveillance skills to identify and prevent  breaches, or how your effective communication skills helped in diffusing conflicts.

Summary/Objective Statement: Incorporate a brief summary or objective statement at the beginning of your resume. Within this section, highlight key skills that make you a strong candidate for the specific position you are applying for.

Remember to customize your resume for each job application, ensuring that the skills you highlight are the most relevant and impactful for the specific position. By strategically placing relevant skills throughout your resume, you effectively showcase your qualifications and increase your chances of standing out to potential employers.

Example of a Security Guard Resume

[Your Name]

[Address, City, State, ZIP]

[Phone Number]

[Email Address]


Dedicated and highly observant professional with 5+ years of experience in surveillance, emergency response, and access control. Seeking a Security Guard position at XYZ Company to ensure a safe and secure environment for clients and personnel.


– Surveillance

– Emergency Response

– Security Systems Operation

– Communication

– Conflict Resolution

– Patrolling and Inspections

– Report Writing

– Crowd Control

– Knowledge of Security Procedures


Security Guard | ABC Services | New York, NY


– Conducted vigilant surveillance and monitoring of assigned areas, identifying and reporting suspicious activities to maintain a secure environment.

– Responded swiftly and effectively to emergency situations, providing immediate assistance and coordinating with on-site emergency responders.

– Operated and maintained security systems, including CCTV cameras, alarms, and access control systems, ensuring their proper functioning at all times.

– Demonstrated strong communication skills by effectively interacting with colleagues, visitors, and law enforcement personnel to maintain a professional and secure atmosphere.

– Resolved conflicts and disputes in a diplomatic and calm manner, diffusing potentially tense situations while upholding safety protocols.

– Performed regular patrolling and inspections, detecting and addressing safety vulnerabilities, and promptly reporting any irregularities to supervisors.

– Prepared detailed incident reports, documenting safety-related incidents, observations, and actions taken for future reference.

– Effectively managed crowds during high-traffic events, maintaining order and ensuring the safety of individuals.

– Maintained a high level of knowledge of safety procedures and regulations, diligently enforcing access control and safety measures.


High School Diploma

XYZ High School | City, State



Certified Security Guard (State Certification)

First Aid and CPR Certification

How to Improve Security Guard Skills

To improve your security guard skills:

  • Attend specialized training programs focusing on areas like crisis management or access control systems.
  • Participate in mock drills and exercises to practice response to different scenarios.
  • Learn conflict resolution techniques through courses or workshops.
  • Develop digital skills by staying updated on trends and taking relevant online courses.
  • Shadow experienced professionals to gain insights into different approaches.
  • Stay informed through industry networks, joining professional associations or online forums.
  • Volunteer for additional responsibilities to gain practical experience and showcase your initiative.


In a nutshell, including these skills on your resume is crucial for presenting yourself as a strong candidate. Think of skills like surveillance, emergency response, security systems operation, communication, conflict resolution, and physical fitness as your superpowers in creating a safe environment.

So, when crafting your resume, make sure to showcase these skills and let potential employers know that you’re ready to be their security rockstar. Tailor your resume to highlight these skills and stand out from the competition in the security industry. Remember, your skills are your secret weapon in landing that dream security job!


What Skills Do You Need as a Security Guard?

As a security guard, essential skills include:

  • Surveillance
  • Emergency Response
  • Security Systems Operation
  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Patrolling and Inspections
  • Report Writing
  • Crowd Control
  • Knowledge of Security Procedures
  • Physical Fitness

These skills are crucial for ensuring safety and security in various settings.

What Are 5 Qualities of a Good Security Guard?

A good security guard possesses these five qualities:

  • Alertness
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Physical Fitness
  • Problem-solving Skills

What Are the 3 Main Duties of a Security Guard?

The three main duties of a security guard are:

  • Protection: Ensuring the safety and security of people, property, and assets by actively monitoring and deterring potential security threats.
  • Surveillance: Conducting regular surveillance and monitoring activities to identify and respond to suspicious actions, unauthorized entry, or other security breaches.
  • Incident Response: Promptly and effectively responding to security incidents, emergencies, or breaches by following established protocols, coordinating with authorities, and providing necessary assistance or intervention.
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