All You Need To Know About Social Media Jobs In 2023

The world as we have it today is an exciting place with the internet and remote social media jobs available. There are as many opportunities to make friends as there are to make money. And with more innovations popping up every day, the internet especially has become a sea full of prospects.

Social media jobs are often easy to learn and do. You don’t need academic degrees or an overly technical mind. But you can make a lot of money doing these jobs.

So yes, there are different online job opportunities. Some of these, especially those on social media, are very flexible. Others exist that don’t require you to have experience. In fact, there are even jobs for stay-at-home moms. The only caveat to these jobs is that you need to be online and willing to dedicate some hours in the day to make the most of them.

In this article, we provide some basic but very important information about the most profitable social media jobs in 2023. Ultimately, you should be able to identify some of the most suitable of these jobs, their requirements, and advantages.

All You Need To Know About Social Media Jobs In 2023

What are the Types of Social Media?

Contrary to what some internet users think, social media is not any information-driven internet platform or website. The concept revolves around the concept of media, yes, but also of communication. This is where the social in ‘social media’ comes from.

So, social media is the entire collection of internet platforms for information sharing and communication. The most popular of these platforms include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. However, these are not the only social media platforms around.

The complete list of social media types is continuously growing, so it is virtually inexhaustible. Nevertheless, we can categorize some of the popular types into the following classes:

  • Social networks: Twitter, Facebook, and many others.
  • Photo/Video sharing: YouTube, Instagram, and others.
  • Business networks: LinkedIn, Upwork, Fiverr, and others.
  • Social gaming: FarmVille and Mafia Wars along with many others.
  • Blogs: where we have the majority of news platforms, self-help websites, and many others.
  • Review platforms: Quora, Rotten Tomatoes, Book Marks, Pitchfork, and others.
  • Virtual worlds: The Sandbox, World of Warcraft, and others.

Each of these social media types can provide you with occasions to engage other people. You can even build career goals around these platforms, and fashion profitable social media jobs from them.

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Top 5 Social Media Platforms to Check Out Social Media Jobs

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the social network for progress and business-oriented people. Some of the network users assume that it is a place for searching for jobs, but this is not always the case. In reality, LinkedIn provides an environment where you can grow and improve yourself. With 500+ million members, you can learn from other people and closely follow their careers.

But LinkedIn is also a great place to make sense of social media jobs, full-time jobs, well-paying jobs, you name it. You tend to meet only serious-minded and purposeful people on LinkedIn.

2. Facebook

Facebook is likely the most popular social network currently. It is the platform that served as the launching pad for all others. Thus, it is not strange that it has the largest user base with an estimated 2 billion individuals. But it is also a great place to make the most of online job opportunities, share content, and reach markets.

Perhaps the best thing about Facebook is the optimized structure. The platform is fitted with so many useful parts that business people and fun-oriented people can conveniently coexist. So, you can build a profitable business on Facebook or discover useful opportunities for jobs.

3. YouTube

YouTube is also an incredible social platform for sharing videos. It is owned by Google and serves as a popular go-to website for educational material and entertainment. Owning a channel does not cost anything. However, managing a YouTube account with millions of subscribers is one of the most rewarding social media jobs in 2023. This is not including the other benefits, including popularity and followership from subscribers.

So, YouTube is not limited to only entertainment, clicks, and likes. Instead, before Udemy, Coursera, and other virtual educational centers, YouTube already had a collection of informal colleges. So if your goal on social media is skill acquisition, make YouTube your friend.

4. Instagram

Instagram is another social media platform whose purpose is easily misunderstood. Due to the particular architecture, it can easily be assumed that it is a platform for pictures and short videos. But this is not true. Underlying these pictures and video clips are business intentions and interests. This is why the user base grew from a few eccentric people to over 1 billion between 2010 and 2018.

Instagram is possibly in the top 3 social media sites for brand marketing jobs. So, if you can convince people using text (copywriting), pictures, and videos, Instagram may be perfect for you.

5. TikTok

TikTok is one of the newest platforms on the social media block. It was also built around video-sharing, although it offers greater user-control opportunities. Thus, it is one of the increasingly popular networks, especially among young people. Moreover, getting a following on TikTok is not very difficult, but can be very lucrative in the shortest time possible.

Despite the recent bad publicity around the platform, TikTok can also serve as a constructive tool. Kat Norton, for example, has made a good name for herself using TikTok to teach Microsoft Excel. There are many others like her who are contributing to the global march of progress. They are also making money in the process.

How Can I Make a Career in Social Media? (Professions in Social Media)

social media jobs

There are many other social media platforms like the ones we highlighted previously. But you don’t need to be on every one of them to have a profitable social media profession. Here are some of the most popular and gainful professions you can pursue in social media.

1. Copywriting

Copywriting is one of the most profitable and engaging remote social media jobs for anybody. It revolves around creating written content that can be used to sell products and brands. It does not have to be full-time and you don’t need a university degree in the English language. Nevertheless, the landscape will be more open to you if you are a sound and convincing communicator. And there is no substitute for diligence.

Copywriting affords you many opportunities, the most immediate of which is robust earnings. Thus, you can be a reclusive person and still get neat monthly payouts without leaving the comfort of your home.

2. Managing Social Media Accounts

As long as you are willing to sacrifice some of your time, you can get a job as a media account manager. All you need to do is help to monitor the social media account of a person or business and get paid. It is all about you standing in for someone else because you can reach more people or respond to them better than the account’s owner. Moreover, the account may be on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social network, so there’s no technical catch to it.

Media account management is simple and requires no specialized formal education, but it’s still a skill to be learned. You need strong communication skills and patience, as well as an understanding of modern online culture. It is an engaging job and can open roads for other social media jobs in the future.

3. Brand Promotion and Marketing

Brand promotion and marketing bring media account management closer to home. Here, you don’t need to represent someone else. All you have to do is endorse them using a variety of strategies, and you have a sustainable job. This is marketing as you know it, except that you have to use social media to achieve the desired effect.

Brand promotion might require you to be a good writer, communicator, or even graphic designer. But you can always get someone else to do these things while you manage them. Brand promotion is simple because it works based on your terms and social media accounts. Therefore, every job well done is a badge that you can use to get other clients in the future.

4. Customer Service

Customer service is more traditional in its approach than any of the other social media jobs we have highlighted so far. All that is required of you is to respond to the clients of a company and accommodate complaints and suggestions. Once again, you don’t need academic qualifications, although some employers for this role may have higher standards. Nevertheless, effective communication skills, attention to detail, and patience can get you much further than a hasty college education.

Customer service on social media can also be very entertaining, not to mention educational. You can learn a lot about your employer and the industry. Such information does not come by often, so it can serve to pave the way to future success.

5. Public Relations

Public relations as a social media job is not very different from customer service. The fundamental distinction of this role is that you are required to take the initiative on the company’s behalf. So, if there are public service announcements, you become the company’s mouthpiece and communicate said announcements to desired audiences.

Although the public relations process appears multi-layered, it can all be learned quickly. Once again, you don’t have to do it all alone. You can build teams of content creators and problem solvers while acting as the face of the team.

6. Graphic Design

Compared to every other social media job that we have mentioned, graphic design is a specialized field. It involves some technical (better yet, artistic) skills, so it is not for everybody. And because we cannot all use Photoshop effectively, graphic design is one of the most profitable social media jobs.

However, you can get others involved and still make a good great deal of money from graphic design.

Freelancers usually play the middleman on this front, sustaining such jobs for 2 or more years. Nevertheless, it will help if you have at least a basic understanding of graphic designs. After all, this is all on social media, so you might get negative reviews for delivering bad jobs.

7. Video Editing

Video editing is just taking graphic design to a dynamic level. With memes and TikTok becoming very popular, these jobs are turning into the icing on the cake of social media. Moreover, there are so many apps on smartphones and PCs that can help you edit videos even though you may not have an artistic bone in your body.

But if you do have artistic talent, you can easily get a lucrative video editing job in social media.

How Do I Get a Social Media Job With No Experience?

Having no experience with social media jobs is not common. Except for a relatively few people, most of us are online. Thus, the requirements for social media jobs are often very flexible. Furthermore, you can easily learn most of these jobs.

Nevertheless, the most important selling point for getting social media jobs is a social media account. Facebook and Twitter are great starting points. Moreover, the fundamental requirements of a social media job can be content creation, strong communicative skills, and the like. As long as you have these and can demonstrate your expertise, you should vie for every suitable social media job.


All in all, social media is a tool. And like every other tool, it is neither good nor bad. The jobs that have been built around it are the same. If you focus on a single goal and work in that direction while gaining experience and skills, you will be successful in your social media career.

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