How To Accept a Job Offer In 2023

In 2022, accepting a job offer often involves something a bit more than simply saying “Okay then “. In fact, we suggest you accept a job offer via a formal letter or acceptance.

So, without further ado, here’s how to accept a job offer in 2022.

How To Accept a Job Offer In 2023

The job offer process: what it involves

There are several standard steps how to accept a job offer. In most cases, when you receive a job offer, there will be the following stages to the process:

  1. Informal offer. First, you may receive an informal note from the hiring manager informing you that you should be expecting a formal offer from the company. This informal note may also inquire what you need to accept the offer. When answering this informal note, be prepared to mention your expectations of salary, benefits, working schedule, bonuses and more.
  2. Formal offer. Next, after you’ve discussed all the details of your employment informally, you should get a formal offer. This will typically come in the form of a written contract — but you may also receive a phone call to go along with it. Make sure that you have all the details of the offer in writing. This will ensure that both you and your employer are on the same page (literally) when it comes to your role, pay, start date and benefits.

Now, these may be the only stages of the job offer process that you will go through. Or, there may be some extra steps. For instance, you may first want to negotiate the job offer you have received. If there are any changes you want to make in your future employment contract, you will need to discuss these with your potential employer. In this case, there will be extra steps for you to go through before you can write the job acceptance letter.

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How to negotiate a job offer

The first thing you need to know is that negotiating the terms of a job offer is perfectly okay. So, if you are unhappy with your work conditions, pay or benefits, you can and probably should get back to your potential employer and ask to review them.

If you would like to negotiate the terms of the job offer, the best way to do so would be via an in-person meeting or a video call (if you are applying for a job remotely). Sure, you can also reply to the offer with a counter-offer — but this may not be the best way to negotiate. It will make it difficult for you to see the hiring manager’s reaction to the changes you’ve suggested and may make the whole onboarding process substantially longer.

To initiate a discussion about the job offer, you may send an email saying something like this:

Dear John,

I’ve reviewed the offer and would like to discuss some details a bit further. When would be a good time to speak?



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When you come to the meeting you’ve requested or have your phone or video call, make sure you are fully prepared and know exactly what you would like to change. With that, be aware that this will, most likely, be a negotiation. So, you will also need to know how much you are willing to “move” on the offer. This may include several negotiation stages as you and the HR manager go back and forth on the best options for your employment.

You may come to terms about the final job offer there and then. Or, your employer may request some time to think.

If they end up accepting your suggestions, thank them for being flexible and appreciative of your ideas. You can also go on to ask when you can sign the contract and when your first working day will be.

If they decline your suggestions, then you will need to decide whether the initial job offer is still acceptable to you and inform your employer.

Accepting a job offer: verbal or written acceptance?

how to accept a job offer

Once you’ve made your decision and are ready to accept the job offer, make sure you do it the right way. This is where we suggest you write a job acceptance letter. An acceptance letter is a great way to show that you appreciate the offer you’ve received and will take the job seriously. It demonstrates that you have good communication skills. It can also help you avoid future misunderstandings — you will have a written document specifying the date when you’ve accepted the job offer.

So, how do you write a job acceptance letter? Here are a few pointers.

First, make sure that you thank your new employer for the opportunity. You can express your excitement about your upcoming responsibilities and mention what you are looking forward to the most.

Keep your letter short and to the point. But also don’t be afraid to add a personal touch. You may want to include the following elements:

  • A thank you for the offer
  • A few sentences confirming that you have now officially accepted the offer
  • A quick recap of the conditions you’ve agreed upon with your employer (working hours, salary, benefits, etc.). This is optional — but this section may be useful in the future and will help eliminate any possible misunderstandings.
  • The date when you will be officially starting in the new role

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Once you are done with your letter, make sure to proofread it. It should be clear, short and polite. It’s also a good idea to run your email through a spellchecker to not ruin the good impression your new employer has of you with spelling mistakes.

How to accept a job offer. Letter example

You can send out your job offer acceptance letter by post or email. You may even deliver it in person to the HR manager if such an opportunity presents itself. However, sending your acceptance letter by email is probably the easiest and most convenient way to go about it.

Dear John,

I am waiting to formally accept your offer of employment for the position of Project Manager with your company.

Thank you for this opportunity to put my skills to good use and prove myself as a productive and efficient team leader.

As we’ve agreed, my base salary in the Project Manager position will be $69,000 per year with options for end-of-year and other bonuses, depending on the results of my work. I also understand that I will have access to health and dental benefits upon ninety days of full-time employment.

If there is any more information you need from me before my official start day or if there is anything I should prepare for my first working day, let me know. I can’t wait to get started on August 8th, 2022.



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How to accept a job offer in 2022: conclusion

So, let’s go over some key takeaways from today’s post.

First, we do suggest that you accept a job offer with an acceptance letter. This will show that you are serious about the offer and do appreciate the opportunity you’ve been given.

Second, a job offer acceptance letter is also a great way to confirm your working conditions (salary, benefits, vacation days, etc.) and avoid any potential misunderstandings.

When writing your acceptance letter, it’s best to include the following: a thank you for the opportunity, work conditions and salary and the date of your first official working day.

Finally, if you want to negotiate your job offer, it’s best to do this in person or via a video or phone call. You can also suggest the changes you want to make to the offer in writing. Be prepared to give your potential employer some time to consider your counter offer.

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