15 Good Summer Jobs

good summer jobs

Like every other season, summertime has its best points. One of these points is a high number of different employment opportunities. Some of these opportunities are only temporary, but they still offer captivating benefits like regular and remarkable incomes and experience. So, getting good summer jobs is not difficult during this period. The difficulty comes from deciding which of these summer jobs is the most suitable for you.

In this article, we’ll show you some of the benefits of summer jobs, as well as factors to consider before making your choice of jobs. Then we’ll highlight 15 good summer jobs and underline 5 ways you can get these jobs.

Let us begin with the benefits of summer jobs.

Benefits of Summer Jobs

Summer jobs offer many different benefits. Some of these benefits, as you will find, are more appealing to adults and college students. Nevertheless, you may find them convincing enough to get you searching for a summer position, no matter your age and current situation.

1. To Make Money

The greatest benefit to be had from holding good summer jobs is income. Summertime is a good season to test your skills, yes, but also to make good money. Knowing these, many job employers offer appealing financial benefits, the foremost of which is a regular income. Other such benefits include helping you to build promising investment portfolios or stakes in the business.

2. To Garner Experience for Full-Time Jobs Later On

The majority of the good summer jobs are formal, so you can accumulate a lot of experience points. Some of these might have to do with appearance, conduct, acclimatizing to the working environment, and so on. Regardless of the area of experience, the benefits are often life-transforming and can save you years of schooling or private learning to learn the same things.

3. To Bolster Resumes

Getting ‘material’ to bolster your resumes and cover letters is another reason to seek employment during summertime. The fact that you even worked during a period largely labeled a time to play is something. So, you should have no problem enriching the contents of your resume by hunting for good summer jobs.

4. To Practice Time and Money Management

Another big benefit of summer employment that many college students ignore is resource management. Specifically, the jobs you get during summer help you better manage your time and money. Financial management is an area that has been deeply explored, but time management for most college students is still a hazy field. So, with good summer jobs, you get to learn to be deliberate about the time you spend on various activities, and what fraction of that time is productive or unproductive.

5. To Keep Busy

Of course, working in summer means that you get to abandon your couch and leave idleness behind. Idleness and inactivity are chains that lock down prospects of creativity, productivity, and fortune. Thus, keeping busy in summer is one of the clearest indications that you are serious about your future.

Now, let us move on to good summer jobs you should consider.

Well-Paying Summer Jobs

good summer jobs


Tutoring largely requires you to teach younger people difficult subjects to pass entrance exams or improve generally. The level of commitment depends on the parents of students, but you can make up to $20 per hour. Sometimes, if you are especially proficient in a subject and can prove it, you can earn even more. Also, this job helps you reinforce your knowledge and interpersonal skills. Thus, it can enrich your resume and cover letter.

Freelance Writing

The field of freelance writing is very broad, so there are always opportunities to make up to $25 an hour. As this field has to do with effective communication, which is one of the foremost skills in demand in the corporate world, there are many benefits to being a freelance writer. Moreover, you gain a lot of experience in your area of expertise and concentration. However, the requirements for excelling are a bit high, so you may spend extra time learning the basics and dynamics.

Paid Internship

A paid internship is a very good employment area for college students. There is no limit to the industries you find in this area, so there is a lot of relevant experience to be had. You can be an intern in a marketing and sales company, tech startup, or school. You can make up to $15 per hour here, and the prospects for future employment are really good.

Retail Sales Associate

As a retail sales associate, you are required to assist product managers in their position. In the process, you can learn all there is to know about marketing and sales. Moreover, you can earn up to $10 per hour while gaining valuable experience.

Customer Service

The biggest benefit of working in customer service is that you learn to communicate more effectively with other people. Also, customer service representatives make $12 per hour on average. This, added to the formal and purpose-driven work environment makes this summer job one of the best for college students.

Restaurant Service

The benefits of restaurant servers are similar to those of customer service. You simply learn to play to the demand of other people, which is a vital determinant of corporate success anywhere in the world. Depending on location, you can make up to $10 per hour as a waiter or receptionist in restaurants, plus tips. You also get to meet a lot of people, so you can build interpersonal skills in the process.

Delivery Service

Delivery service is broad and can include customer service and driving. Both of these roles are vital in today’s world. Being employed in a delivery service during summer means that you are in line for earning up to $15 per hour. The commitment level is often moderate, so you can still do other things by the side.


Bartending is one of the most popular summer jobs. However, outside the cool portrayals in movies, the biggest benefit is that you get to build communication skills while serving drinks. You may also make between $7 and $15 per hour as a bartender, so it is a solid employment opportunity in summertime.


Babysitting is one of the easiest summer engagements that can bring you between $10 and $16 an hour. Whether you are doing it as an agency employee or for a neighbor or family friend, you can learn to be more responsible in the process. Often, you are only required to watch children, prepare their food, dress them, and do other minor things. This nanny employment is also a great way to build positive relationships with older people, paving the way for better-paying prospects in the future.

Fitness/Gym Instruction

Being a gym instructor is not something most college students consider for summertime employment. However, there are many benefits to be had from assisting other people’s exercise. The salary range is around $20 per hour on average, so this is a high-end job for young adults. Also, you might get a free gym membership, so it is a solid summer engagement opportunity.

Lifeguard Services

Like fitness/gym instruction, there is a lot of on-the-job learning to be had from being a lifeguard. But a lifeguard’s primary responsibility is to make sure that children and adults at swimming pools are safe. So, this job is more about watching people than anything else and also involves lots of training. Even so, you can earn up to $12 per hour being a lifeguard.

Summer Camp Counseling

Camp counseling is a leadership and management occupation. As a camp counselor, you are required to watch over young campers, assisting in ensuring that the environment is fun and engaging, as well as safe. In this position, you learn how to manage time and people, and also have the opportunity to make between $8 and $12 an hour.

Landscaping and Gardening

In the face of calls for sustainable environmental responsibility, landscaping and gardening are incredible job prospects for college students. Most of what you are required to do are related to keeping the natural environment around homes and offices presentable. As such, you may assist with managing the growth of shrubs, flowers, and trees. You can make up to $14 per hour as a landscaper or gardener in summertime, and learn a lot about environmental sustainability as well as gain practical gardening skills in the process.

Event Planning

Event planning can get you up to $16 per hour while requiring you to help oversee occasions, find suitable locations, decorate event centers, or help guests with transport needs. This summer job is often listed under service jobs, so the benefits are many. Moreover, it is a solid way to perfect customer service skills and resource management.

Remote Assistant

Remote assistant services are currently in vogue. As remote jobs are becoming more popular, you can make up to $15 per hour as a remote assistant. Also, the field of online jobs is broad, so you may be required to answer phone calls remotely, respond to company emails, or manage social media accounts. Also, the job is often easy to do and can help you build an impressive list of skills to be included in your resume.

Factors to Consider

Before deciding on any of the above jobs, there are a few factors you must consider.


Time is the biggest factor you should consider before choosing a summer job. Some of these jobs require a lot of time, effectively robbing you of opportunities to do other things. On the contrary, other jobs require so little of your time that you end up getting nothing from them. So, make sure to check how much time you are required to spend on the job before pursuing it.

Required Level of Commitment

Similar to the time factor, some jobs require high levels of commitment and others require almost nothing. Commitment, in this context, might be related to how much effort you need to put in, how much you need to learn to be useful, or any other variable that might prove difficult. You have to balance commitment with time before locking on to any summer employment.


The prospect of making money is one of the biggest motivations for working in summer. Whether the salary is too small or too big depends on you, but it is better to strike a balance in the middle.

Experience to Be Gained

Don’t throw yourself into a job in the summer because it pays a lot. Some jobs offer the kind of experience that you cannot get for free elsewhere. Others are mediocre in that sense. In deciding on what the best summer jobs are, make sure to prioritize employment opportunities that boost your technical skills, as well as your conceptual skills. These skills offer solid benefits in the long run.

Effect on Resumes and Cover Letters

Something else you must consider before engaging in a particular occupation in summer is your resume. Will this particular job boost your resume or will it be a waste of space? Of course, you can justify almost any job included on your resume, but it is better when that job speaks for itself. So, make sure that whichever job you take in the summer is one that enriches your resume, cover letters, and job interviews.

How to Get Summer Jobs

There are different ways to get employment opportunities in summertime. Some of these ways are listed below:

  1. Social Media: Employers often list available jobs on LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.
  2. Job Sites: You can also find good summer jobs on sites such as Indeed, Upwork (for freelancers), etc.
  3. Industry Online Databases: Industries generally have online databases where you can find job postings. So, if you have a particular industry in mind, make sure to keep checking its databases.
  4. In-Person and Word of Mouth: You may also learn about job opportunities as side comments from relatives, friends, and passers-by. So, you should inform everybody you know about your interest in getting a summer job.


Overall, there are many good summer jobs for young adults and college students. These jobs keep them busy and net them some money and experience. Knowing the most suitable of these jobs is not easy, but this article covered the most difficult aspects of making your choice.

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